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February 12, 2019 Bond Public School Employee Regulations

Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) regulations limit the activities of public employees and expenditure of public funds in connection with election issues like school bond measures. On February 12, 2019, Kennewick School District voters will decide on a replacement bond measure. Between now and then, material, information, and activities in connection with the election generally fall into two categories; informational or promotional.

Informational Activities (“fact sharing”)

School district employees and officials CAN both discuss and use district resources, equipment, and materials for production and distribution of factual information about the bond. For example, we CAN provide:

Fact sheets about the bond and share factual information such as:

  • Cost, tax impact, scope of the bond, plan and rationale for the bond, and answer questions about what the bond will do
  • Use district resources (e.g. printing, email, website) to provide and present such factual information

Promotional Activities (“bond advocacy”)

School district employees must be cautious when it comes to participating in advocacy-related activities. A good rule of thumb is that, when “on the clock” school employees are not to be participating in any advocacy related activities. However, at no time (whether on or off the clock) can any district employee use district resources (e.g. computers, email, copy machines, postage, phones) for promotional-related activities.

When On the Clock

Employees are allowed to:

  • Put advocacy signs, window or bumper stickers on our personal (not district) cars, even when parking on district grounds 
  • Wear a button 
  • Share and discuss factual information about the bond (see informational/fact sharing above)

Employees are not allowed to: 

  • Distribute advocacy materials, participate in or plan/arrange any advocacy-related activities 
  • Collect money for bond campaign funds 
  • Pressure or coerce other employees 
  • Distribute e-mail messages discussing advocacy at any time on district computers or using your KSD email.

When Off the Clock

Employees are allowed to: 

  • Engage in campaign and advocacy activities 
  • Inform colleagues and others about opportunities to participate in campaign and advocacy activities.

Employees are not allowed to: 

  • Use district resources (e.g. computers, email, copy machines, postage, phones, and district email) to create, disseminate, or discuss advocacy activities.


Please remember, that you can be held legally and individually responsible for infractions of the PDC regulations that may also result in fines. For more information, please contact the district office, or visit: https://www.pdc.wa.gov/learn/guidelines-school-districts


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